Liverpool schools join forces to pioneer trauma-informed PE

Liverpool School Sports Partnership (LSSP) and Future Action have launched an innovative trauma-informed PE pilot programme, aiming to position Liverpool at the forefront of trauma-informed physical education and boost opportunities for young people.

The adaptable online key stage two to five programme, rooted in trauma-informed practice, aims to empower educators while minimising disruption and addresses immediate classroom challenges while fostering long-lasting benefits.

The impact of trauma-informed practice extends beyond classrooms, to help address the cycle of adverse childhood experiences and fostering enduring bonds.

Outcomes include happier young people, improved behaviour, fewer instances of self-harm among other positives. These advantages also translate to educators, promoting staff wellbeing, recruitment, and retention.

Central to the initiative are ‘Trauma Informed PE’ and ‘RISE Up’ early intervention mental wellbeing training. The ‘RISE Up Liverpool’ pilot programme already engaged 16 staff members from partner schools including King’s Leadership Academy Liverpool, The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, The Belvedere Academy, and Childwall Sports & Science Academy. Once trained, each school has chosen a project with The Belvedere Academy focusing on making its interform competitions inclusive for all students.

Vicky Marshall, LSSP partnership manager, said: “We are always looking for solutions as to how we can help the schools we work with support young people’s health and wellbeing. Working with Future Action Ltd, we have been able to educate more teachers and school staff about the issues children and young people who have been through trauma, face, and how we can position physical activity as a tool to help.

“This not only solves some of the immediate problems, but also showcases the importance of developing a positive relationship with physical activity for life.”

The collaboration between Liverpool School Sports Partnership and Future Action envisions a transformative educational paradigm fostering resilient, empowered generations.

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