Educate Contents

Welcome to the May edition of Educate. How many parents know their EHCP from their EYFS? Acronyms are everywhere in education. They may be essential shorthand for teachers and support staff in schools, but can parents really be expected to know what they all mean? To help understand the more commonly used ones, we have put a handy guide together. With growing calls for more extensive teaching of black, Asian, and minority ethnic experiences in England’s schools and to make these teachings mandatory to ensure that school children, from all backgrounds, have a balanced and inclusive understanding of Britain’s past, and how it has shaped society today, we explore the current history curriculum and the importance of representation in the classroom. Remote education was a new experience for most schools and children in 2020, brought about by the pandemic, which forced everything online. Schools, colleges, and universities went from traditional face to face learning to remote education overnight. However, online education was not new to everyone, as since 2005, King’s Inter High have been delivering its education online to thousands of students in the UK. The pandemic inevitably forced change and provided the opportunity to raise awareness of alternative ways of teaching and learning, and so in this issue we take a closer look at online schooling and what the future holds. Are you looking for a career where you can unleash your creativity and be able to see something you have designed realised in real life? There are many good reasons to becoming an architect, and in our regular ‘Choosing A Career’ feature, we look at the different pathways from school to qualifying as an architect.