Educate Magazine - 2021-09-01


Fall in love with teaching all over again


The start of a new year can be filled with mixed emotions, new pupils, fresh ideas, varied expectations and lots of unknowns. Working in a school it’s difficult, if not near impossible, to have a great work-life balance, fears of being snowed under with endless admin can be overwhelming. What if there is a way that could save teachers time and frustration? At Balance, the team is on hand to make sure that teachers up and down the country can save precious time on the endless admin that comes with being a teacher. This September, fall in love with your curriculum, your planning, your assessments; ultimately, fall in love with teaching all over again. Balance wants to recapture your love for education and with its tools you can do so. • Design your curriculum with the simple drag and drop method to organise how and when you’re going to teach each module - create your own or edit pre-populated curriculums written by subject specialists. • Map out your whole year, your modules, submodules and objectives with long, medium and short-term plans. • Professional Judgements allows teachers to give a simple ‘point in time’ assessment for the children in your class, meaning you can see how children are progressing at a glance. After all, Balance is the teaching and learning tool that helps teachers get back to what they do best: teaching. Fall in love with teaching all over again this September, join the hundreds of teachers already benefiting from time-saving and work-reducing tools, find out lots more here:


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