Educate Magazine - 2021-09-01


Secondary Teacher Training funding inspires PE and wider school staff


Secondary and SEND schools from across Merseyside are to receive funding to inspire more pupils to participant in PE, school sport and physical activity. Led by LSSP and Redbridge High School, 56 schools will be able to access a share of £170,000 of Sport England funding. The aim of the Secondary Teacher Training fund is to help schools provide an engaging PE, school sport and physical activity offer that inspires pupils to make physical activity a habitual part of their lives. Research from Sheffield Hallam University has shown that physically active pupils consider themselves happier and more confident than less active pupils. Whilst 76% of those asked (62,443) stated that being active had a positive impact on their mood. With this in mind, PE departments have been encouraged to look beyond ‘games’ and identify a range of sports and activities that will truly engage all pupils, particularly the least active. Based on pupil voice surveys, schools have already committed to delivering yoga and meditation, boxing and combat sports, cross fit, orienteering, kinball and cheerleading to name a few. Paul Cronin, Redbridge High School, said: “This funding will have a significant impact in schools; the investment will be used to provide training to upskill staff to enable them to provide a broad and rich PE, school sport and physical activity curriculum, which in turn will encourage more pupils to engage in school, thereby creating a happier environment for everyone.” The professional development opportunities will be delivered across the autumn term with new activities implemented in school from November onwards. Given that young people have led largely sedentary lives, albeit not from choice, this programme may well be the boost pupils’ need in their recovery from COVID-19.


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