Educate Magazine - 2021-09-01


Copyrite Systems helps schools to take control of their printing


The team at Copyrite Systems is offering education establishments the chance to have more control over their printing through a unique software called, PaperCut. PaperCut allows schools to make a significant reduction in their printing output by managing individual and departmental printing. Schools are guaranteed to reduce printing output by at least 15% (industry standard) in adding this software solution to its managed print solution. The software is simple to use and the team at Copyrite Systems will expertly set it up so that it runs efficiently in the background, making it extremely easy for users. It also allows schools to set quotas for both student and staff printing and enable them to monitor spend by allocating a budget to departments or individuals. Other key benefits include: • Watermark printing with student names and dates for easy identification • Flexible management with alerts and pop-up reminders • Supports mobile printing • Follow-me-printing, allows users to send to a single print queue and receive from any device in the school by using a swipe card, biometrics (fingerprint technology) or a pin code • Track all print, copy, scan and faxes • Secure release of documents by requiring that users must log into a device • Works with any network device • Fully supported by Copyrite Systems’ engineers • Gives the school complete control and flexibility to implement policies John Burgess, account manager at Copyrite Systems, said: “PaperCut is the best solution out there for schools and colleges who are looking to monitor their overall print use and save money. “It even allows department heads to log into the portal and see exactly what activity has taken place on the school’s printers. This can help the school to review budgets, or change printing policies to help reduce print spend even further.” If your school would like to revolutionise its managed print solutions, please contact the team to find out more about this unique software on 0151 486 2424.


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