Educate Magazine - 2021-09-01



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Welcome back to school and the September edition of Educate. A new academic year, a new chapter, and we hope better times for everyone as students and staff return to classrooms. Something we know children will be looking forward to is sharing stories with their friends about what they got up to over the summer holidays, as well as the resumption of classroom storytelling through books, plus hopefully visits back to see live theatre, or educational visits back in schools. The power of stories has been recognised for centuries, and they are part of everyday practice in the classroom. With a new academic term rolling in and COVID catch up still the trending story in education, we consider the importance and place for integrating storytelling, drama, and live theatre into the curriculum and what the rewards of doing so can be. The UK will host the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) at the end of October, and young people’s views and aspirations about the climate emergency will hopefully be voiced to leaders. The daily school lunch, whether it is packed at home or prepared in school, is a subject which has increasingly become a focus for how to ensure it is sustainable as well as healthy. We look at how parents and schools can cater for both with lots of food for thought! In this issue we have a special commemorative showcase to celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2021 students, who this year earned their GCSEs, A-levels and BTECs against the challenges of the past 18 months through determination, hard work and remarkable resilience. Check out the 12-page photo gallery p40. In our 16+ section we once again explore careers, this issue looking at the mental health sector and careers that can make a real difference. Whether it’s psychiatry, nursing or counselling, every role plays a key part in ensuring individuals get the right mental health treatment at the right time. This feature offers insight and case studies to help guide and advise on the different career pathways, jobs, and opportunities for students.


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