Educate Magazine - 2021-05-01


My School Days

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Faye Gaskin - England and St Helens Rugby League Player My schools: I attended Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School in Widnes. My favourite teacher: My favourite teacher was Miss Woan from Saints Peter and Paul, she always encouraged me at school. My favourite subject at school: My favourite subject was PE, I was always into sport in a big way and loved spending all my spare time playing rugby or netball. Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek? I would say that I was very streetwise. My favourite childhood singer/band: I know not everyone will agree but my favourite band were the Spice Girls, I absolutely loved their music as a child. My favourite extra-curricular activity: I loved playing rugby and netball after school and I still carry on now even though I play rugby for St Helens Rugby League Club, I still find time to play and coach netball in the off season. Do you remember your first school crush? I can’t remember that far back! My favourite book: I didn’t read much as I didn’t have much time and was always playing sport, so possibly the first book I read was the first Harry Potter book. School dinners: I loved a school dinner! My aunty worked in the kitchen so I always got an extra pudding. My ambitions at school: I always wanted to become a PE teacher and that is were I am now working as a team leader and lecturer in sport at Cronton Sixth Form College.




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