Educate Magazine - 2021-05-01


School makes learning stick

Secondary news

Despite unprecedented challenges faced by teachers recently, staff at Childwall Sports & Science Academy (CSSA) have a very clear vision for teaching and learning that is driving stronger progress across the school in quality first teaching. Nadia Kaye, headteacher, Childwall Sports & Science Academy, said: “Quality first teaching at CSSA centres around utilising the teaching principles spearheaded by Barack Rosenshine who stated: “Many of the skills taught in classrooms can be conveyed by providing prompts, modelling use of the prompt, and then guiding students as they gain independence.” “His 10 researched principles provide a sound model for our students to understand their learning and for staff to structure lessons in a way that provides effective teaching for all students. “The principles include a review of previous learning, absorbing new material in small steps, the use of models so students can give sound explanations and, to ensure that all students can succeed, the provision of a scaffold of support when needed. “Our intention is that students become fluent, independent learners.” For all this to be successful, teachers have been skilfully checking for student understanding, by probing and questioning to explore the depth of understanding in student explanations. All this hard work in the classroom translated well into the school’s remote practice over recent months. Staff adapted professional face to face practice and pedagogy to online learning with ease. Attendance throughout lockdown remained consistently above national averages and lessons continued to be structured around the use of Rosenshine’s principles. The response from students and parents has been extremely positive. One KS4 student said: “Usually in lessons we work together with our teacher consistently checking that we understand and review old information, which releases pressure and makes our English less stressful while keeping my mind efficient.”




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