Educate Magazine - 2021-05-01


Earth Day 2021

Secondary news

The geography department led the activities through geography lessons using Earth Day as a focus for learning about the environment and the effect of climate change. As part of the activities students were asked to make a pledge; to make three small changes in their daily lives that would benefit the environment. There were lots of ideas and some new suggestions for whole school activities which its student council will discuss. Some of the pledges included riding a bike to school instead of asking for a lift or introducing better recycling habits at home. Head of geography, Mr Joseph Brennan, said: “Earth Day is a great opportunity for us to highlight the environment to our students. They are passionate about what they learn and are full of enthusiasm for the little things they can change themselves. It gives them a sense of ownership of their own world. “Students really benefited from Earth Day, learning more about the environment and how we as individuals can make a real difference to climate change.”




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