Educate Magazine - 2021-05-01


Eden comes to Liverpool

Secondary news

Not everyone can afford or access trips to Cornwall to visit the Eden Project, so Gateacre School wanted to bring it to Belle Vale and have its own version! Thanks to grant funding through Liverpool Mayoral Growth Fund, Gateacre School now has its very own Biodome eco centre with a rainforest environment bringing the outdoors indoors. It will provide facilities and activities for children and young people to learn about biodiversity, climate and the importance of a sustainable environment, the biodome will also help students develop life skills outside the classroom. Its geodesic Biodome is low-carbon, energy efficient solar-powered, harnessing 100% self-sustaining renewal energy, utilising 90% less water. With their own rainforest and microclimate to care for students will learn in a fully immersive rainforest environment: sustainable farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics and vertical farming systems producing varieties of nutritious fruits and vegetables from crop to table. Lisa Mitchell, community co-ordinator said: “Eco-systems science, green technology deliver real life learning experiences about the environment and discovering innovative approaches to sustainability. “The Biodome creates a multisensory experience of sounds, colours, light and fragrances and serves as a tranquil place for nurture groups and children to access any hands-on environment to interact with plants and explore nature in a way that many feel is unobtainable to them, helping improve concentration, relieve anxiety and support health and wellbeing which will benefit children, young people and adults. “We will soon be delivering workshops and sensory based activities to develop responsibility, self-confidence and resilience including meditation, nutrition, growing skills and storytelling!”




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