Educate Magazine - 2021-05-01


St Julie’s shines a light on child exploitation

Secondary news

“Don’t judge. Don’t blame. #SaySomething” was the focus of the awareness raising campaign and looked at criminal and sexual exploitation, modern slavery, trafficking and the exploitation of children who are vulnerable. There were many activities through the day, including designing and making ‘helping hands’ to give a visual representation of what we can all do to tackle criminal exploitation in homes, communities and schools. The school also highlighted how working together, we can put an end to this misery that affects thousands of children in the UK, who are co-erced and threatened into activities such as county lines. The school welcomed visiting speakers from Merseyside Police, mental health, safeguarding and local authority support services. Then, as the sun went down on a busy and productive day, the light began to shine on St Julie’s three school buildings to highlight the social media campaigns on #SaySomething and #Helping Hands, adding “so, don’t judge, don’t blame! Say something and do your bit to end child exploitation.”




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