Educate Magazine - 2021-05-01


Lockdown libraries for all!

Secondary news

There was no way that the learning community at Deyes High School was going to let lockdown stop its celebrations of World Book Day 2021. Instead, staff and students brought the passion and enthusiasm they have for reading right into their homes with a double whammy of reading delights. The theme for this year’s World Book Day was 'Show Your Shares', and it was lovely to see and hear the different ways in which people were getting together to read and share their favourite books. On World Book Day itself, staff and students were treated to some outstanding “read-alongs,” produced by students from Years 7 to 12. It was felt that at a time when escapism is exactly what we all need, it was more important than ever that its school community were are able to find this in the pages of a good book. The idea builds on the school’s Project L text choices of action, adventure and escapism novels that all students in Years 7 – 10 have been reading remotely with their form teachers every morning throughout lockdown. Project L is its ongoing cross-Trust reading initiative, promoting reading for pleasure by creating shared reading opportunities every day. Here’s what some of the school’s staff had to add to say about the event: “I spent the whole afternoon reading, it was blissful!” - Mrs Porter, Science. “The read-alongs have been fab. I’ve just been doing lesson 5 with 9M and we had some lovely discussions. It was nice to be able to chat to them about something extra-curricular and personal, too!” - Miss Leech, IT & business. “I was so proud of the confidence and passion shown by our readers who filmed themselves reading aloud. The students loved listening to their peers read, and it led to insightful discussions about book choices and their favourite authors. I was inspired to read more YA fiction myself, too!” Miss Pye, literacy co-ordinator.




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