Lessons in dyslexic thinking – Podcast






World-famous dyslexic people have gathered for Made by Dyslexia’s inspiring new podcast, ‘Lessons in dyslexic thinking’, which sees celebrities from Sir Richard Branson to Shark Tank’s (US show) Barbara Corcoran explaining how their dyslexic thinking helped them to build their business empires. It doesn’t just feature entrepreneurs. World renowned sports stars, celebrity chefs, extraordinary explorers and inspirational leaders will all share first-hand accounts on how dyslexic thinking has been vital to their success. The podcast launched towards the end of August to coincide with UK’s exam results aiming to help inspire young dyslexics who often struggle with exams. 94% of parents and students say standardised tests and exams disadvantage or discriminate against dyslexic thinkers. The first season runs for 10 weeks and will feature a line-up of accomplished and influential dyslexic guests, and allies. www.youtube.com/@madebydyslexia/videos