So much to celebrate at St John Rigby on A-level results day





Summer 2023 has marked another outstanding set of results for students at St John Rigby College (SJR) in Wigan. Pass rates have exceeded 98% once again, while high grades have rocketed in comparison to 2019. Across science and maths there was an A-level pass rate of 100% and a high grade rate of 63%. Student performance in applied general qualifications resulted in 72% high grades and a pass rate which exceeded 99%. These results suggest that, as with last year’s cohort, the vast majority will progress to their chosen apprenticeships and degree courses. All of the Oxbridge students at St John Rigby have also secured the grades needed for their places at Oxford and Cambridge universities. It is for these and many other reasons that staff at the college are so proud of the ‘Class of 2023’. Principal of St John Rigby College, Peter McGhee CBE, commented: “I could not be more proud of them or of the commitment of our staff. “Our students work extremely hard and inspire us to do all that we can to help them but it does need to be noted that the demands on support staff and teaching staff have been highly significant in recent years. “As is always the case, the environment created at SJR has produced something very special and will enable our young people to go on to do great things in the future. “I also think it is worthy of note that half of these students were ‘first generation’ degree candidates, meaning that neither of their parents had experienced university qualifications. “This demonstrates the skills that they have as young people as well as the extent to which their time at SJR prepared them both personally and academically for the challenges that they might encounter.”