Bringing schools and researchers together





A high-quality education is built on a foundation of high-quality research. At every level, from using phonics and ways of managing behaviour, right down to the length of lessons, all the best decisions, policies and methods used in education should be based on excellent research from around the globe. As a sector leader in education research, Edge Hill University recognises the vital role research plays in driving improvements in education. From discussions with teachers, leadership teams and partners working in education, it’s clear there is a deep interest in cutting-edge research, but limited opportunities to come together and share ideas. To meet the needs of educators and give them a space to develop new research, Edge Hill’s Faculty of Education is launching its new research laboratory. The research laboratory will provide a platform, and a space, for educators, researchers and other stakeholders to come together, share ideas and collaborate in the true spirit of a laboratory. Edge Hill will host a monthly session for members of the partnership to meet with researchers from the faculty of education and the wider university so they can discuss research ambitions, projects and plan how to bring research to fruition. Members can also access researchfocused CPD and hear from invited keynote speakers to explain their research, then join a collegial forum for questions, ideas, and networking. Labs are held each month online, and in the summer term, there will be the option to attend these sessions at the university’s beautiful campus in Ormskirk. This new way of working will ensure new ideas and the latest research is done in collaboration with teachers, working closely with the people on the front lines of education and teaching. Find out more about joining the partnership and accessing the new research laboratory here: