New plan to deliver high quality PE and sport for all pupils





The government published a two-year plan in July to improve equal access and the quality of PE and sport in schools for all pupils. The School Sport and Activity Action Plan will support teachers and schools to deliver two hours of high-quality PE every week and provide competitive and extra-curricular opportunities to both girls and boys. The guidance also published, alongside the action plan, includes details of the digital tool to help schools spend their allocation of the PE and Sport Premium to the advantage of pupils. The government stated that headteachers can use this money to improve teacher training, offer more opportunities for pupils to take part in competitions and expand the range of sports on offer at school. Education secretary, Gillian Keegan, said: “Our School Sport and Activity Action Plan sets out how we will support schools to make sure girls and boys alike have those same great opportunities. Guidance will be published later this year to support in the delivery of equal access and two hours of PE per week. With support from national governing bodies and other sporting organisations, the government said it will identify schools that offer equal access for girls to sport during the school day and additional extracurricular activities. The government said it will also share new resources and findings from targeted programmes that support children with special educational needs and disabilities as well as encourage competition and leadership opportunities for girls. Youth Sport Trust CEO, Ali Oliver, said: “The Youth Sport Trust stands ready, alongside partners to work with schools and the government over the longer term to increase opportunities for activity throughout the school day, ensure equal access, and develop an understanding children learn better when they are active.”