Sparkly light trail at BeWILDerwood




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Where: Cheshire When: 2-23 December Price: £15.50 per person The buildup and budding excitement for Christmas begins at different times for everyone. Some might feel it as soon as the Christmas tree is up, while others start to feel it when the radio begins to play Christmas songs. One big part of Christmas involves decorating with lights, whether it’s the tree, the exterior of the house, or anywhere else you can imagine. Christmas light trails have grown in recent years, offering a great way to build up the Christmas spirit for the entire family. Why not venture into previously unexplored sections of the BeWILDerwood woods, where you’ll encounter a sparkly array of Christmas-themed decorations, from snowmen and Christmas crackers to a colossal Christmas pudding. The trail will also feature a unique, 15 minute mini pantomime featuring the crocklebog Mildred and reindeers Sid and Nev. Book early to guarantee your spot. events/bewilderwoodpresents-christmas/