Celebrate pupils’ creativity






dot-art Schools has been inspiring, celebrating and championing creativity since 2012. With creativity now recognised as one of the most vital skills for young people’s future employment, the importance of programmes like this continues to grow. dot-art School was delighted when James Murphy, the first dot-art Schools winner back in 2013, now the director of his own video production company Event Horizon, approached them and offered to make a film about the massive impact it had on him. James commented: “It’s vital to have people who believe in you, to be able to see the worth in what you are doing. Winning dot-art Schools in 2013 was definitely a massive confidence boost and it’s pushed me in the direction I’ve followed ever since. “dot-art have inspired countless children to see the value in being creative. It builds a sense of confidence, not just for the winners either, by taking part you get to see your work in galleries that people only dream of.” This year’s overall secondary winner was Isaac from Wirral Grammar School for Boys. His art teacher said: “I am incredibly proud of what Isaac has achieved. Similarly, his family were absolutely beaming with pride, and I am sure the prize giving and exhibition preview will be a day that they will never forget!” dot-art Schools in partnership with Edge Hill University celebrates children and young people’s creativity, builds their confidence and improves well-being, with the inter-school art competition now launching its twelfth year. The programme was established in 2012 in response to demand from local schools and the side-lining of the arts in the curriculum. To date 11,500 children have taken part from primary, secondary and SEND schools across the Liverpool City Region. To find out more and sign your school up for the competition email schools@dot-art.com, call 0345 0176660 or visit schools. dot-art.com.