Head of therapy and clinical services appointed at Sundial Therapy





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Sundial Therapy, a provision part of the Remarkable Group, has appointed Susie Grubert as its new head of therapy and clinical services. Based in Newton-le-Willows, Sundial Therapy seeks to fully engage with autistic individuals to help support their independence. It provides integrated and target-direct therapy for Wargrave House School and Ascent Specialist Autism College. Susie has a strong therapy background. Having started her working life during her A-level studies as a teaching assistant at special needs schools, she felt aligned to the work and took a permanent position as soon as it was offered. Susie then developed an interest in working with young, autistic individuals. She explained: “This role introduced me to a range of therapists, and I eventually decided to train as an occupational therapist myself. I attended Salford University in Manchester, where I achieved a firstclass honours degree in occupational therapy and successfully obtained my first post, band 5, on an open acute CAMHS ward.” As head of therapy and clinical services at Sundial, Susie will be responsible for the leadership and management of the therapy team in addition to the strategic development of the service they provide. Susie said: “My vision is to develop a therapeutic and clinical service that will provide outstanding support to both staff and young people with embedded practice. By up-skilling education staff, the wider team around the young people and their families, we will be better able to facilitate sustainable change for the young people...” CEO of Remarkable Autism Charity, Robin Bush, commented: “All of us at Remarkable are delighted to welcome Susie. She has a wealth of experience that will hugely benefit our Sundial Therapy Service and in turn our wider organisation. We are excited at developing new therapeutic approaches that will benefit all our students and young people, greatly enhancing the services that we already offer.”