Achieve supply success this term





It’s the start of the new term and now is the perfect time for school leaders to think about the year ahead and how they can streamline their supply teacher processes. SupplyWell’s flexible workforce solution offers a way to achieve supply success and ensures that schools have access to reliable and trusted teaching staff when they need them. Reactive supply, and sourcing teachers on a last-minute basis is time-consuming, expensive, and unreliable. To avoid this, SupplyWell recommend that schools proactively plan for the long term. By allocating a controlled budget for supply, schools can have greater foresight over their budgets and better manage their resources. With SupplyWell’s subscription service, schools are empowered with control, enabling them to dedicate spends on things that matter for their school and help improve outcomes. In addition to financial benefits, a partnership with SupplyWell also ensures that teaching staff are happier and healthier in the long run. By providing access to a pool of reliable and trusted teachers, cover managers can avoid last-minute panic and work efficiently in a more supportive environment. This not only leads to easier mornings but also reflects an ethical approach to sourcing cover, ultimately benefiting both teachers and students. So, how does SupplyWell’s subscription service work? For a termly or yearly fee, schools gain access to the supply marketplace, connecting them to the best teaching staff in their area. There are no hidden costs involved; schools simply fund their account to pay the teacher, and SupplyWell takes care of the rest. If you’re ready for a fairer and more rewarding way of handling supply, talk to one of SupplyWell’s friendly advisors. You can reach them by emailing or calling 0333 305 0601.