A record of strong performance






The Rainbow Education Multi-Academy Trust believes that its record of strong performance is underpinned by its clear vision for each and every child. Interim CEO, Gina Donaldson commented: “The progress of each and every child is of utmost importance to us.” The trust believes: • Every lesson is a language lesson - it takes every opportunity to develop the vocabulary of all of its children regardless of their age and stage. • All children have the right to be fluent in mathematicians with no child left behind. • For children to be truly creative, they must first follow a structure and be taught how to accomplish something; all children can achieve if limits aren’t placed on them; first-hand experience is essential. • The trust is a learning community that values action research - it looks at what is best for children in its environment. • All schools have strengths and are very eager to learn from good and outstanding schools to expand the MAT offer. • Equity is more important than equality – the trust works hard to ensure that every child has the support they need to succeed whether this be scaffolds in the classroom or support for their families at home. • All staff are highly valued – the trust places a large emphasis on high quality CPD, and it prioritises a healthy work life balance; marking and planning should be meaningful and should take place only if they enhance the child’s learning. As a result, over the last academic year, the Rainbow Education Multi-Academy Trust celebrated four very successful Ofsted inspections with three of the four having been graded as requiring improvement or inadequate before joining the trust.