Research shows 4000 more hours of PE lost from school curriculum





Research has shown a further 4000 hours of PE have been lost from the school curriculum in state-funded secondary schools in the last academic year. These cuts come against a backdrop of declining children’s health and wellbeing and continued challenges with school engagement and attendance. The reduction continues a trend that has seen the amount of PE and sport in secondary schools in England fall by more than 12% since the 2012 London Olympics. Children’s charity, Youth Sport Trust, believe cuts to the hours of physical education in the curriculum pose a further threat to the wellbeing of young people and should be of immediate national concern. Ali Oliver MBE, chief executive of Youth Sport Trust said: “If we can reverse the trend of declining PE and physical activity within schools and implement new ways of working effectively, this will help young people’s mental and physical wellbeing, enable them to access new skills, and empower them to live happier and healthier futures.” Liverpool School Sports Partnership (LSSP) is a partnership for schools that works strategically with others to promote, develop and enhance PE, sport and physical activity. The partnership supports Ali Oliver. A spokesperson from LSSP said: “For 25 years, we have seen first-hand the impact providing thoughtful, well planned and inclusive school sport systems has on supporting pupils to be healthy, happy and active - key drivers for success! “To develop a healthy body and healthy mind, it is vital people form positive habits at a young age and schools play a crucial role in developing these, particularly secondary schools and believe all pupils should have access to two hours of high quality curriculum PE and meaningful after school sport and physical activity opportunities.”