Historic rural primary school opens new nursery provision

A primary school in Bickerstaffe village has announced its new nursery provision will be available for children from three years of age this September.

Bickerstaffe CE School & Nursery, which will celebrate its 180th anniversary next year, is expanding its offering in order to meet demand for parents in Bickerstaffe, Rainford, Kirkby, Skelmersdale and Maghull, who are looking to send their child to a school-based nursery.

A nursery provision within a school has many benefits including the delivery of more educational exercises and assessments that will help prepare children for a smooth transition into primary school education.

The young children will also have the opportunity to interact with older pupils which is beneficial for their social and emotional development. It also will provide convenience for parents with children who already attend the school.

Mrs Kirstin Carlin, headteacher of Bickerstaffe CE School & Nursery, said: “We are thrilled to be in a position to extend our offering and provide nursery places for children from the age of three.

“As a small school nestled in the countryside, we have extensive grounds for children to enjoy where they can play, learn and grow in confidence. While places are limited for September, it means we are able to ensure a high-quality delivery of pre-school experiences for each and every child.”

The school has recently undergone extensive building work and a mezzanine has been created above classrooms three and four in order to support the continued demand for places at Bickerstaffe CE School & Nursery. This provides a flexible learning environment while freeing up space on the ground floor for learning areas, a sensory room and a parent meeting space.